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  • Burger with cheese and salad, fries on the side
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Jay's Crab Boil
& Oyster Bar

About us

Welcome to Jay's Crab Boil & Oyster Bar! Our seafood restaurant in Pickerington, OH, is located right off of I-70 and is a go-to for friend groups and families alike. We serve a great mix of seafood items and drinks for your enjoyment. You often have to travel for hours to enjoy what our menu has.

Its items, like seafood boil and raw oysters, are often specialties you'd only find if you spent the week at a Gulf Coast getaway. However, we have plenty of fresh seafood, which we prepare and boil each day right here in Ohio. We also provide you with a laid-back atmosphere. If you're hungry for a tasty meal and a great time with people you love, join us today!

Pickerington's Premier Seafood Restaurant. Meet Seafood At Its Finest - We are the premier place to eat seafood in Pickerington, OH. Our laid-back environment and bar-like atmosphere attract many people from all over Central Ohio. Guests get to devour our menu items with their hands and wash their food down with a great beer. Our restaurant's seafood baskets include freshly-boiled shrimp and crab, served with plenty of mix-ins like corn, potatoes, and sausage. Our oyster bar is also a great option. We serve raw oysters along with our cocktails and beer. The oysters come right in their shells and taste best with a pinch of salt and a squeeze of fresh lemon.